Photo: Bond Fryer of BLF Studios


My love for all things glam started at a very young age and working as a freelance artist for the past 5 years has allowed me to expand into different makeup channels such as bridal, editorial, stage and even celebrity.

Everyday I get to do what I am truly passionate about and it continuously strengthens my love for my career. I take immense pride in my work and provide the best to my clients by staying up to date with the latest makeup techniques and by considering each clients unique, individual preferences. I customize my services to fit each clients’ preferences and overall vision and take great care in the initial consultation to pinpoint exactly what they are hoping to achieve.

My overall goal is always to enhance the clients’ natural beauty. My philosophy is to accentuate their features, working carefully with their guidance and feedback, resulting in a breath-taking, flawless look. Being able to create a custom look for each and every client has been an incredible and amazing experience, one that I did not expect to be so rewarding. I love to challenge myself as an artist with every beautiful canvas that I work on and it is truly an inspiring experience for me.

With the art of makeup I am able to highlight a woman’s beauty. The possibilities are endless and I am committed to making each client feel like the royalty they are. There is something about makeup that pours confidence into a woman’s energy and I am honoured to empower my clients in this way. My promise to myself and to my clients is to never stop growing as an artist and always challenge myself and my skills. I will take every opportunity for further education and I will never lose my passion for makeup artistry.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me and for visiting my website. I hope that you and I have the opportunity to work together and create your very own custom glam look on your special day!

Deana McCoy Eronosova